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Fluid Power Products Engineering Team is ready to assist your company with its hydraulic requirements. Fluid Power Products experienced engineering staff will work with your designers to develop cost effective solutions signature to your equipment design. Fluid Power Products has over 45 years of design experience in the application, selection and manufacture of standard and special hydraulic components, hydraulic systems, and integrated hydraulic manifolds using Sun Hydraulics cartridge valve technology.

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Sun Hydraulics Enters Into
Agreement to Acquire Faster Group

Sun Hydraulics announced that it has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire Faster Group, a leading global manufacturer of quick-release hydraulic couplings headquartered in Milan, Italy. Strategically, this represents an extension of Sun's current hydraulics product offering and expands our global reach. Faster's strong engineering and manufacturing presence in Europe and access to trend-setting global OEMs will significantly expand our opportunities in the hydraulics industry.

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Technical Tips

Useful tips and tricks covering subjects like Check, Flow Control, and Priority Flow Control Valves; Choosing Counterbalance Valves; Circuit Savers; Counterbalance and Pilot-to-Open Check Valves; and more.

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XMD: Sun's new compact, Bluetooth configurable electro-hydraulic driver

Introducing XMD, the first product from Sun’s new line of electro-hydraulic drivers and controllers.

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Sun FLeX™ Series Solenoid Valves & Coils: Performance driven. Market priced.

Sun Hydraulics has just launched its new Sun FLeX™ family of competitively priced, high-performance electro-hydraulic products. These 16 completely new solenoid-operated cartridge valves and three new coils are the first products in the FLeX Series Solenoid Valves for both the mobile and industrial hydraulics markets.

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Sun Hydraulics Announces Merger of High Country Tek with Enovation Controls

High Country Tek business will be conducted out of Tulsa, OK, and San Antonio, TX, starting January 1, 2018.

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Sun Expands Operations in Asia-Pacific

In response to rapidly increasing demand for our products in the Asia-Pacific region and a desire to expand our capabilities globally, Sun Hydraulics is investing in new, expanded facilities in Korea and China.

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Putting Sun at the heart of hydraulic regenerative braking systems

Lightning Systems (formerly Lightning Hybrids) is an innovative, forward-thinking company that saw an opportunity a few years back to bring hydraulic hybrid technology to medium- and heavy-duty fleet vehicles like shuttle buses, delivery vehicles and work trucks. Starting small in 2014 with 25 systems sold, the company has grown their hydraulic hybrid business substantially in four years, on track to sell more than 1,400 systems around the globe in 2018.

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